Thursday, 1 July 2010

Barry M Nail Paints

I love and hate them


Well, I bought two shades the first being Coral, and the second being Blueberry.

Blueberry is lovely! It's thick and opaque, and after one thick coat its looking great.

(Sorry, this picutre was taken post clean up!)

It's a little bright, but I think it's nice, especially for summer. It's also really nice and creamy!

Coral, however, is a bit disappointing its thin, it doesn't seem to have the seem consistency which is kind of weird considering they are the same product just in different colours.

Which leaves me wondering, are the other colours in the range like Blueberry or like Coral? I'll have to buy more to find out!

Thanks everyone:)


  1. Hi Imogen,
    I recently discover Barry M nail polishes. So far I like the ones I've tried. Check out my blog for a review on one of the shades, Purple Bright.

    By the way, what a pity with the coral. I've been in the hunt for a nice coral polish and the other day I bought Bright Red by Barry M (262), more of an orangey red, and Red Carpet Glam by Max Factor mini mail polish, more of an strawberry shade.

    Like your blog, please check mine out!

  2. @theredpipette i'll try and check it out :)
    Yeah, will be buying more to make more of an opinion!x