Monday, 26 July 2010

L'OREAL Volume Million Lashes review.

Hi everyone :)

So I decided I would do a quick review on a new mascara I've been loving!

I featured it in one of my hauls, and I have loved it since the first time I used it! It holds curl very well, and adds lots of volume!

Apologies for the bad quality photo!

This is a picture of the wand that comes with the mascara. It claims to get rid of all the clumps, that isn't exactly true, but it isn't affecting the look on my lashes, so i'm not complaining!

Before the Mascara and eyeliner
(My sad, bare eye:(! )

And after!
(looking a lot nicer!)

My eyelashes are naturally pretty fair on the ends, so without mascara, my eyelashes are pretty much non existant! So any mascara makes a big difference. This, is definitely one of my favourite cheap mascaras! It's amazing! It's so volumising, and when I curl my lashes, some mascara's don't seem to hold the curl well and it doesn't give the same look, but this holds the curl of the lashes, and I just love it!

I really recommend it, I think once i've finished this I will try some other L'OREAL mascaras.


Would you repurchase? - Yes, if I was on a budget I would, but while I can still afford more expensive mascara's I will keep buying them!

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Definitely!

Marks out of ten? - About, 7/10. Not because it's bad because it's not! Just that there are better products out there, but for the money, it's definitely the best I've tried in that price range.

Hope you all enjoy this review, and if you want more reviews on product's i've been trying, let me know and I'll try and do some more for you all :)

If you have any more questions, leave a comment!

Thanks everyone :)


  1. This looks great, glad you liked it :) xx

  2. I'm sure you've tried the MaxFactor False Lash Effect, but if you haven't, give it a whirl! Works wonders on my lashes! A bit pricey, but MaxFactor are doing a deal on in Boots at the moment (if you spend over £15 you get a free makeup bag plus goodies)!

    Loving the blog by the way :) xx

  3. @mollyvogue no i've not! I tried the Max Factor Lash extension effect, and I hated it, so I was so put off max factor. But I will try it!

  4. I recently bought this mascara too and I really like it. Not my favourite probably, but I do really like it. =)

  5. Wow it looks really nice! you know whats my problem?, I really dont know how to work with huuuge mascara brushes, I get all my eyelid full of mascara :S who needs eyeliner then?haha... Do you know any mascara with a thiiin brush which could make the same to my lashes? thanks!!

  6. @Kerry me too! I've kinda been going off it recently because it's been making my eyes sting a little, and really doesn't smell nice!

    @MonnyPeny Well YSL faux cils mascara is quite thin, but it's long? It's my new fave mascara!x

  7. look at my blog, i also make pictures of my eye.
    1 pic without mascara and one with the loreal mascara.
    what do you say about the result?