Friday, 30 July 2010


Hey Everyone :)

I just wanted to do a quick little post to say a big THANK YOU! I just reached 50 followers. I've been blogging for a little over a month, and i'm already at 50 followers, and i'm so happy! It really does make my day when I come on to see a new follower, and it sounds kinda cheesy, but I don't care!

Thank you everyone for following, and a GIVEAWAY is coming up very shortly, I just need to go out and buy the prizes, I will hopefully have it up as soon as I can. So watch out!

Thanks so much everyone!


Thursday, 29 July 2010

Ramble No. 2

Hi everyone :)

I'm sure your ramble post's aren't your favourites, but I don't have any really exciting beauty posts to do, so this will have to do!

I've decided that I will be doing a contest for when I hit 50 followers, so only 3 more to go, and it's giveaway time! Woo! I think i'm going to try and purchase the prizes this week, I just need to decide what the prizes are going to be! So just bear with me!

We need to get 50 followers first though, so I don't have to rush my purchases till then! Ok, so I think I'm going to maybe do a skincare routine post, I always like buying new skincare, so if you have any recommendations, comment below!

Not much else to say really...

hope you've all been having a good week:)

Thanks everyone :)x

Monday, 26 July 2010

L'OREAL Volume Million Lashes review.

Hi everyone :)

So I decided I would do a quick review on a new mascara I've been loving!

I featured it in one of my hauls, and I have loved it since the first time I used it! It holds curl very well, and adds lots of volume!

Apologies for the bad quality photo!

This is a picture of the wand that comes with the mascara. It claims to get rid of all the clumps, that isn't exactly true, but it isn't affecting the look on my lashes, so i'm not complaining!

Before the Mascara and eyeliner
(My sad, bare eye:(! )

And after!
(looking a lot nicer!)

My eyelashes are naturally pretty fair on the ends, so without mascara, my eyelashes are pretty much non existant! So any mascara makes a big difference. This, is definitely one of my favourite cheap mascaras! It's amazing! It's so volumising, and when I curl my lashes, some mascara's don't seem to hold the curl well and it doesn't give the same look, but this holds the curl of the lashes, and I just love it!

I really recommend it, I think once i've finished this I will try some other L'OREAL mascaras.


Would you repurchase? - Yes, if I was on a budget I would, but while I can still afford more expensive mascara's I will keep buying them!

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Definitely!

Marks out of ten? - About, 7/10. Not because it's bad because it's not! Just that there are better products out there, but for the money, it's definitely the best I've tried in that price range.

Hope you all enjoy this review, and if you want more reviews on product's i've been trying, let me know and I'll try and do some more for you all :)

If you have any more questions, leave a comment!

Thanks everyone :)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

MissKC027 contest entry for July

Hi everyone :)

This is my contest entry for Kim's contest, here's a link to her blog : You should check her out, she's very good!

These are the prizes to here blog, and if you want to enter, you can here:

ANYWAY, on with the contest entry!

1. What is make-up for you?
Make-up for me is a way to make yourself look and be the best that you can be. And If you feel like that you look good, it will make you feel good. It's a nice way to boost someone's confidence, and gives them a way to express themself :).

2. What is your makeup routine?
In the morning I will take my Lancome Colour Ideal foundation and squirt some onto the E.l.f Powder brush, and buff it into my skin. Then I will take my E.l.f blusher in the shade candid coral and brush it onto my cheek bones. Then, I apply my e.l.f waterproof eyeliner pen and line my top lashes. Then I curl my eyelashes and apply L'OREAL Volume Million lashes all over my top and bottom lashes. Then I apply my YSL rouge volupte lipstick in shade 7 onto the lips and i'm done!

Thanks, and remember to check her blog out!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Make-up and Skincare Haul

Hi everyone :)

So I went shopping yesterday, and that means a new haul! Yay! I hope you all like hauls, because I have been quite a lot of them lately!

So this is what I bought, (From L-R) Gosh Darling Lipstick, YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in shade 7, Barry M Lipstick in shade 101, Neutrogena Deep Clean Make-up remover wipes, Neutrogena visibly clear blackhead eliminating daily scrub, Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit facial watch.

GOSH Darling Lipstick
I love this lipstick! It's so creamy, and it's not too thick so it doesn't give you that "dead look". It's definitely one of the best cheaper nudes.

Barry M Lipstick in shade 101

This is slightly more pinky than the GOSH Darling Lipstick, and I love it! It's a bit more pigmented so you don't need to put much on cause if you did it would give you the concealer lips look. I put it on quite lightly.
YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in shade 7

I think i'm in love. I love this lipstick, it's so freaking pretty! The packaging it so nice, it made me immediately drawn to it, the colour is my perfect colour, and I love it! It's very moisturizing. My must have lip product for the summer.

Neutrogena visibly clear blackhead eliminating daily scrub

I've only used this once, so I can't say if it's really working, but I think it is, my skin looked better today, and my only real skin problem is blackheads, so look out for a review on this in a month or so!

Neutrogena Pink Grapfruit Facial Wash

I've only used this once as well, and I think it did the job, but only time will tell!

I hope you all enjoyed this small haul, with lots of unnecessary pictures! Tomorow I will post up a review of my new Mascara by L'oreal, with before and after pictures. So look out for that, and I hope you enjoyed this haul!

Oh, and I bought 4 jewellery items in the Topshop sale, do you want to see? If so, I'll post them up tomorow!

Thanks so much everyone! x

Friday, 23 July 2010

Elf Haul!

Yes another haul!

And, I went shopping today (again), and you know what that means?!

ANOTHER Haul tomorrow! Yay! If you don't like hauls, sorry! I promise it's not all I do! I've just been shopping a lot lately:)

So I got 7 things, and it only cost me £20!

So here are all the Products I got, (From L - R) Elf Blusher in Candid Coral, Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, Elf eyelid primer, Elf Powder brush, Elf corrective concealer palette, Elf Luscious liquid lipstick in Baby Doll, and Elf hypershine lipgloss in the shade Bubblegum

Elf Blusher in Candid Coral
It's so pretty! It's lovely, it's such a nice blusher, and highlight. Buy it! I think this is definitely one of my favourite cheap blushers! It's about £3.50

Elf Powder Brush
I love this brush! This is probably my favourite thing that I bought from Elf, it's so nice to use when applying liquid foundation, it buffs it in lovely! This costs about £3.50

Elf Hypershine Lipgloss in Bubble Gum
This is lovely, it's a very pretty colour, and it's called bubblegum, and ironically it smells like bubblegum! I like this a lot! It costs about £1.50

Elf Corrective Concealer Palette
I don't like this. I used the green to cover up some redness, and it ended up giving me a spot! Don't like it, and won't be using it! This costs £3.50

Elf luscious liquid lipstick in Baby Doll
I don't like this! It looked so pretty on the website, and when it arrived it looked nothing like the way I wanted it to. It's not a "Lipstick" either. It's a bad lipgloss. Hate it. This costs £1.50

Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
I like this a lot! it's very long lasting, and gives and intense black liner look! Very good for the money! This costed £1.50 too.

So all together quite mixed feelings about these products, and I don't know what to think about the brand as a whole. I think they're better for their eye and lip products rather than the face, as the concealer broke me out.

But, I mean for the price? I can't complain much :)

Another haul tommorow people!

Thanks everyone :)x

Oh, and as soon as I hit 50 followers my contest will start! :)

TAG: 8 questions

Hi everyone :)

I was tagged by the lovely ByJody to do this tag and thought I would!

1. What is your biggest make-up pet peeve?

People with dark lip liner and light lipstick/lipgloss. It really looks horrible :(.

2. If you could only wear one piece of jewelery for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A necklace I was given about 7 years ago, I wouldn't be able to repurchase it ever, so I wouldn't want to give it up :)

3. What one Talent do you wish you had?

I wish I could draw, like really well, I'd love to be able to design clothes and jewellery.

4. Which product will you continue to repurchase?

I don't know! I love to swap my make-up about a bit, but does skin care count?! If so, I will always repurchase my Neutrogena 2 in 1 wash and mask. It's a amazing! Wash wise it's.. ok, but as a mask it's amazing!

5. If you could look into the future, would you? And what would you want to know?

I would like to see if I got married, if I did to who. I'd love to see if I had children, and If I got a good job.

6. Who is your biggest celebrity crush? - Including Pictures.

DAVID BECKHAM. Honestly, I love him. People seem to love or hate him. I definitely love him!

7. What made you start a blog?

I have been reading other people blogs, and watching people's videos on Youtube for a long time now, and I just kind of thought why not? I love reading other peoples, so maybe people can enjoy reading mine :)

8. What's been the proudest moment in your life?

Honestly, Don't think I have one!

I tag you all! :Dxxxxx

Thanks everyone!xxx

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Small Haul

Hi everyone :)

I have a small haul for you today, a couple of things I picked up, and one free gift.

So here they are! From L-R Blistex Lip massage, Lancome Colour Ideal Foundation (My shade is 010, Beige Porcelain) L'oreal Volume Million Lashes, Essie Nail Polish in the shade Lollipop, and Revlon Lipgloss in the shade Peach Petal.

I LOVE this! It gives you such a natural look whilst it covers up your flaws, it's not very thick, and has about medium coverage, that's buildable. I love it! I got colour matched at the shop, so I would recommend that you do too instead of buying it online.

I got this free in Tatler. I don't really like the magazine, but I wanted the free nail polish! Beautiful colour in the shade Lollipop, it's not the best to apply, but it's okay.

My new favourite mascara! I Love this, it holds curl well, it's lengthening and volumising. I love this!

One of my favourite lipgloss's it's such a gorgeous colour! It's in the shade Peach Petal, and I will be repurchasing!

I'm quite pleased with my haul, I must admit! I like all the products alot! I did an E.l.f haul of about 7 items that I will post up tomorow!

If you have any questions, ask below!x

Thanks everyone :)x

Stereo Rose

Hi Everyone :)

So, I'm sure everyone will have heard the buzz about MAC's Stereo Rose. I wanted one so badly, but, I was unlucky. I didn't manage to get it, and because I don't live near a MAC shop, I was relying completely on the online shop, which is out of stock.

I called them up today, hoping they might say it would be back in stock soon, but, no such luck. The woman said that it is out of stock, and won't be coming back in, unless it is released again on another line. (fingers crossed!)

So I am pretty gutted to be left without it. I might try eBay, I don't know yet, I don't always trust eBay when buying make-up.

If you got it, i'm very jealous!

Sorry for not blogging lately, I've got a haul i'll post up in an hour or so, and I have an E.l.f haul that I will post tomorow:)

Thanks everyone:)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Rimmel London Lipstick


I don't really know what to think about this one!

Ok, well it's very bright. A very bright, hot pink colour, this might sound good to you, but I prefer slightly more neutral looking lips. It's kind of my own fault really, I shouldn't have bought it.

It swatched nicely, but on the lips it looked a bit too much. It was a bit drying and left my lips needing some repair afterwards!

I have read some positive reviews about this, so don't rule it out, because some people love it! I, however, don't. Try it out for yourself if you like big bright bold colours for your lips.

I'm just about to do an E.l.f order, so expect a haul in the near future!

Thanks everyone!x

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Barry M Lipgloss

Hi everyone :)

I was scouring the aisles of Superdrug recently looking for a nice Lipgloss, and my eyes were drawn to Barry M. I immediately wanted shade 12, but swatched it just to make sure it was what it looked like in the tube.

It's a lovely sheer baby pink, with a slight glimmer to it. I really like it! It's quite sheer, so if you like your lipglosses packed with colour, steer clear of this one! I'm sure it would look lovely over slightly darker lipsticks, or nice nudes.

I really like the consistancy too, and it stays on quite well considering the price.

It cost about £4.50, and it was well worth it. My next lipgloss I have my eye on is the Revlon Lipgloss in Peach Petal (I think it's called that!)

Will you be checking this out?

Thanks everyone :)x

Enter This Giveaway!

Hello everyone :)

I was looking across a couple of blogs today, and I came across this blog with a really good giveaway going on.

I entered, and so should you too! Her blog is really good too.

Thanks everyone :) xx

Friday, 16 July 2010


Hi everyone :)

I just wanted to say sorry for the lack of blog posts. I was away on holiday and I just got back.

Blog posts will start again tommorow, just thought i'd let you all know whats happening :)

Thanks :)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Summer I turned Pretty

Hi everyone :)

I know this is obviously a beauty blog, but I just had to tell you all about a book I love, and it's the perfect summer read!

The Summer I turned Pretty by Jenny Han is one of the best books I've ever read! It is amazing, the perfect summer read! Honestly, I love it.


Belly measures her life in summers. Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August. Winters are simply a time to count the weeks until the next summer, a place away from the beach house, away from Susannah, and most importantly, away from Jeremiah and Conrad. They are the boys that Belly has known since her very first summer -- they have been her brother figures, her crushes, and everything in between. But one summer, one wonderful and terrible summer, the more everything changes, the more it all ends up just the way it should have been all along.

It is so good! You have to read it, honestly, I read it in like 3 hours, I could not put it down! There's a sequel to this book called "It's not Summer without you" It's just as good! I'm not sure if she's writing a third. I really hope she is!


Thanks girls:) x

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Drugstore Haul

Hey Everyone:)

Today i'm going to be doing a little drugstore haul. I don't really call it a "drugstore" normally, but thought I would for this post because there's nothing else to call it!

I bought a few things from Superdrug, Boots, and some cotton wool pads from Asda!

(From Left to Right)

Cotton Wool pads, Cotton wool buds,
Treseme Colour Protect Shampoo,
Treseme Colour Protect Conditioner,
Nivea Day Cream Moisturiser for dry/sensitive skin,
L'OREAL Gentle Eye Remover,
Listerine mouth wash (why did I put that in the photo?! lol),
4 Batiste tropical dry shampoo's,
Simple gentle cleansing wipes,
17 mirror shine Lipstick in the shade "Beehive",
Rimmel London Lipstick in the shade 110 "Pink Gossip",
Sleek Make-up Storm Palette,
and long lasting emery boards from Superdrug.

I bought a lot of little travel sized toiletries because I'm going on holiday on Monday! I actually left two items out of that Haul, I forgot to take a picture, Sorry!

The two other items were, L'oreal Paris Perfect Clean wash for sensitive skin, and the St. Ives apricot scrub! Sorry about that!

I'm going to do a couple of individual reviews on some of those products in the next couple of days. I've not decided if I'm going to take my laptop on holiday yet, so there might be blogposts, and there might not be! Not sure yet.

Thanks everyone! :)x

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual

Hi everyone:)

So today this is going to be a little review of the Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual book.

I got this book for christmas, and I did kind of flick through it then, but didn't really read it, but now i'm really reading every single word!

It has to sections, the first section is for anyone from ordinary people, to professionals, and gives you a good background of how to apply your make-up like a professional, and what kind of make-up brushes you want to look out for. It gives you step to step guides of how to apply make-up, and gives information on the science side of skin care.

The second section is called "Artistry", this part is made for the professionals and gives you tips of how to do well in the make-up industry, and looking into what career's are available for you.

It's filled with colourful pictures of amazing make-up looks.

I absolutely love this book! I feel like I know so much about the Make-up world. I'm still reading it, and i'll give you an update once i'm all finished, but I love it so much, I can't imagine I will be disappointed!

You should all definitely check it out!

Thanks everyone :)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Summer Perfume Collection!

Hi everyone:)

So I thought I would do a little summer perfume collection post. These are the 3 perfume I love in the summer! They're very light and fresh which is perfect for summer! I got all of these products a bit ago, but thought I would talk about them now, as they are perfect summer fragrances!

From left to right: Hypnose Senses by Lancome, J'aime by La Perla, and Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

As you can tell I'm running pretty low on all of them! That's only because I've been using them so much! I really love all of them!

Daisy is quite popular I think, and I'm not surprised because it's a lovely wearable fragrance. J'aime isn't quite as popular I don't think, but I think that's because it's not as big a brand as Marc Jacobs. I bought mine at a little perfume shop, and I haven't really seen it anywhere else! I got the Hypnose Senses for my birthday, and I really love it! I've been wearing it like everyday since!

I wear these scents like all year round, because that kind of summer scent is the kind of perfume I like, but some people might just wear this in summer!

I really think you should check these out if you get the chance!

Thanks everyone :)

Monday, 5 July 2010


Hey all :)

Thanks to all the new subscribers, and hi! Haha, so I was going to post a small Drugstore haul, but my digital camera is out of charge, I tried taking pictures on my phone but it was looking really bad quality! So I'll do that hopefully in the next few days.

So I thought I would just have a little ramble to you all about upcoming things that I hope are going to be happening!

Now you know that i'm going to a small Drugstore haul, I'm going to be a doing a little lip tutorial using some new products i've got, some reviews on some of my favourite products, a summer perfume collection, and a few others. Any suggestions? Comment below! :)

I also have a little idea of a competition, I'm not going to ruin it all by telling you what, but I've got it planned. Still trying to think up idea's for some prizes... any suggestions about what you'd love to win? Comment Below! I think i'm going to do it for when (Positive thinking!) I get to 50 subscribers, and give the 50 subscribers that I have when I post the competition, will get an extra entry, and all the people who advertise it on their blog will get an extra entry! Oh, and you will have to be a follower to enter.

I'll give you all the details though when it's all confirmed and i've got 50 followers!

I hope this rambley post didn't bore ya too much!;)

Thanks everyone! :D

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Lancome Hydra Zen Teinté Tinted Moisturiser

Hi Everyone :)

So, about a year ago I purchased the Lancome Hydra Zen Teinté Tinted Moisturiser in shade 1. I used to go straight to the Lancome counter at my local Debenhams because the Lady who worked there used to love me, and give me lots of little samples and deals, she was really nice.

One time, she recommended that I should try this product out as a nice light coverage for summer. I'm now so glad I took her advice and bought it. It's such a lovely product, not too heavy for summer, but gives your skin a nice glow and evens out your skin tone nicely.

It leaves your skin feeling very moisturised with a nice light glow. I really love it.

I actually really like Lancome, and think it's a really good brand, and I don't know why it doesn't seem to get a lot of Hype about it on blogs or youtube videos.

I really recommend this for a nice summer product, especially when you don't want a think foundation on. You won't regret it! Plus, mine has lasted a little less than a year and I've been wearing it nearly everyday! I know, hard to believe!

Thanks everyone :)x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Make-up How to

Hi everyone :)

So lately I've been doing an eyelook quite a lot, and thought I would share it with you all!

Here it is:

This look might not quite be your thing, but I personally love it! AND it's really easy.

How did I do it?

Well, most people like to use a primer before using an eyeshadow, but I was actually all out of my Urban Decay Primer potion when I did this look, so I actually didn't use it, but I would recommend that you do.

1. Apply a primer all over the lid. (I reccommend Urban Decay Primer Potion. Also, you don't have to use a primer, mine worked just fine without it!)
2. Apply Make Believe cream eyeshadow by Virgin Vie all over the lid and into the crease.

3. Apply the Shadow colour from Benefits Big Beautiful Eyes pallette all over the lid and in the crease.
4. Apply black eyeliner along the upper lash line with a flick at the side, and line the lower lashes up to the middle of the pupil. (My favourite eyeliner is Le Crayon Kohl in the shade Noir by Lancome.)

5. Apply lots of Black mascara, (My favourite mascara is the Virtuose mascara by Lancome) and your good to go!

You can change the products I recommended, those were just the ones I find create this look the best.

On the rest of my face I like to wear bronzer, and lots of pink lipgloss!

Thanks everyone :)x

Friday, 2 July 2010

Youtube Subscription List

Hi everyone :)

I thought today I would have a change and do a little post about Make-up vloggers on youtube who I really like, and if any of you know of any other good people, leave a comment below, and I will check them out!

1. AllthatGlitters21

2. beautycrush

3. BelleDuJourNYC




7. gemsmaquillage

8. Hollygolightlyxox

9. hollyYMBB

10. juicystar07

11. lollipop26

12. Macbarbie07

13. MakeupByTiffanyD

14. meganheartsmakeup

15. panacea81

16. QueenBeeuty

17. SWalkerMakeup


19. ttsandra

Sorry for the long post, but please check these people out, they're all really amazing and I love to watch their videos!

Thanks everyone :)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Barry M Nail Paints

I love and hate them


Well, I bought two shades the first being Coral, and the second being Blueberry.

Blueberry is lovely! It's thick and opaque, and after one thick coat its looking great.

(Sorry, this picutre was taken post clean up!)

It's a little bright, but I think it's nice, especially for summer. It's also really nice and creamy!

Coral, however, is a bit disappointing its thin, it doesn't seem to have the seem consistency which is kind of weird considering they are the same product just in different colours.

Which leaves me wondering, are the other colours in the range like Blueberry or like Coral? I'll have to buy more to find out!

Thanks everyone:)