Sunday, 18 July 2010

Rimmel London Lipstick


I don't really know what to think about this one!

Ok, well it's very bright. A very bright, hot pink colour, this might sound good to you, but I prefer slightly more neutral looking lips. It's kind of my own fault really, I shouldn't have bought it.

It swatched nicely, but on the lips it looked a bit too much. It was a bit drying and left my lips needing some repair afterwards!

I have read some positive reviews about this, so don't rule it out, because some people love it! I, however, don't. Try it out for yourself if you like big bright bold colours for your lips.

I'm just about to do an E.l.f order, so expect a haul in the near future!

Thanks everyone!x


  1. Yah, i agree with you on the part where you said it's a bit drying, coz i also have the same comment. Good review by the way.

    Thanks for sharing!
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  2. @shineyglam yeah it is a bit drying! thanks:Dx