Thursday, 22 July 2010

Small Haul

Hi everyone :)

I have a small haul for you today, a couple of things I picked up, and one free gift.

So here they are! From L-R Blistex Lip massage, Lancome Colour Ideal Foundation (My shade is 010, Beige Porcelain) L'oreal Volume Million Lashes, Essie Nail Polish in the shade Lollipop, and Revlon Lipgloss in the shade Peach Petal.

I LOVE this! It gives you such a natural look whilst it covers up your flaws, it's not very thick, and has about medium coverage, that's buildable. I love it! I got colour matched at the shop, so I would recommend that you do too instead of buying it online.

I got this free in Tatler. I don't really like the magazine, but I wanted the free nail polish! Beautiful colour in the shade Lollipop, it's not the best to apply, but it's okay.

My new favourite mascara! I Love this, it holds curl well, it's lengthening and volumising. I love this!

One of my favourite lipgloss's it's such a gorgeous colour! It's in the shade Peach Petal, and I will be repurchasing!

I'm quite pleased with my haul, I must admit! I like all the products alot! I did an E.l.f haul of about 7 items that I will post up tomorow!

If you have any questions, ask below!x

Thanks everyone :)x


  1. I want the peach petal! we didnt get those here in Canada! ;(

  2. @Kim aw really? Such a shame, it's actually lovely colour!x

  3. I would love to see a picture of your eyes with the L'oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara on? :) great haul :) x

  4. @ByJody of course! Would you like a pic of my eyes without mascara, and then with this mascara on?:)x

  5. Yeah that would be great :)
    Oh and I have just done a TAG post where I tagged you :)

  6. @ByJody Thank you for Tagging me! That's so nice, I will definitely do the Tag tomorow!
    I'll post the pics up tomorow, because I've already done my mascara for the day! :)

  7. I like blistex lip balm too :) it's the best one for chapped lips out there

    would love to see the mascara as well

  8. @Evelien Me too, they're amazing! x

  9. I love the colour of that Essie nail polish, where did you get it because i can never find them? xoxo

  10. @Fern I got it free in a magazine! Do you live in the UK?x