Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual

Hi everyone:)

So today this is going to be a little review of the Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual book.

I got this book for christmas, and I did kind of flick through it then, but didn't really read it, but now i'm really reading every single word!

It has to sections, the first section is for anyone from ordinary people, to professionals, and gives you a good background of how to apply your make-up like a professional, and what kind of make-up brushes you want to look out for. It gives you step to step guides of how to apply make-up, and gives information on the science side of skin care.

The second section is called "Artistry", this part is made for the professionals and gives you tips of how to do well in the make-up industry, and looking into what career's are available for you.

It's filled with colourful pictures of amazing make-up looks.

I absolutely love this book! I feel like I know so much about the Make-up world. I'm still reading it, and i'll give you an update once i'm all finished, but I love it so much, I can't imagine I will be disappointed!

You should all definitely check it out!

Thanks everyone :)


  1. I've been trying to rent this from my local library for ages, butt it's always on loan :( Sounds great though!:) xx

  2. @Olivia It is really good! I really like it :D xx