Thursday, 29 July 2010

Ramble No. 2

Hi everyone :)

I'm sure your ramble post's aren't your favourites, but I don't have any really exciting beauty posts to do, so this will have to do!

I've decided that I will be doing a contest for when I hit 50 followers, so only 3 more to go, and it's giveaway time! Woo! I think i'm going to try and purchase the prizes this week, I just need to decide what the prizes are going to be! So just bear with me!

We need to get 50 followers first though, so I don't have to rush my purchases till then! Ok, so I think I'm going to maybe do a skincare routine post, I always like buying new skincare, so if you have any recommendations, comment below!

Not much else to say really...

hope you've all been having a good week:)

Thanks everyone :)x


  1. Lovely, can you give us a peek of what it's going to be?

  2. @Evelien not really, because I haven't decided yet! Haha, i'm just about to buy one of the items, and not sure if i'm going to buy more. Will have to wait till i'm at 50 followers! sorry :)xxx