Thursday, 22 July 2010

Stereo Rose

Hi Everyone :)

So, I'm sure everyone will have heard the buzz about MAC's Stereo Rose. I wanted one so badly, but, I was unlucky. I didn't manage to get it, and because I don't live near a MAC shop, I was relying completely on the online shop, which is out of stock.

I called them up today, hoping they might say it would be back in stock soon, but, no such luck. The woman said that it is out of stock, and won't be coming back in, unless it is released again on another line. (fingers crossed!)

So I am pretty gutted to be left without it. I might try eBay, I don't know yet, I don't always trust eBay when buying make-up.

If you got it, i'm very jealous!

Sorry for not blogging lately, I've got a haul i'll post up in an hour or so, and I have an E.l.f haul that I will post tomorow:)

Thanks everyone:)


  1. I was also gutted when both my local MAC outlet's (actual store & concession in Selfridges Birmingham) were sold out of Stereo Rose MSF.

    Maybe we'll be lucky enough to snag one next time, that's if they release it again I guess.

  2. @CinereaBellFlower Hopefully! :Dx

  3. I know the feeling, nearest mac counter is an hour driving and I can't order online, I've got it worse than you :D

    I think it will be overpriced on ebay, damn sellers

    ps: check my blog for intentional giveaway (

  4. @Evelien I know! It's sad:( xx