Monday, 5 July 2010


Hey all :)

Thanks to all the new subscribers, and hi! Haha, so I was going to post a small Drugstore haul, but my digital camera is out of charge, I tried taking pictures on my phone but it was looking really bad quality! So I'll do that hopefully in the next few days.

So I thought I would just have a little ramble to you all about upcoming things that I hope are going to be happening!

Now you know that i'm going to a small Drugstore haul, I'm going to be a doing a little lip tutorial using some new products i've got, some reviews on some of my favourite products, a summer perfume collection, and a few others. Any suggestions? Comment below! :)

I also have a little idea of a competition, I'm not going to ruin it all by telling you what, but I've got it planned. Still trying to think up idea's for some prizes... any suggestions about what you'd love to win? Comment Below! I think i'm going to do it for when (Positive thinking!) I get to 50 subscribers, and give the 50 subscribers that I have when I post the competition, will get an extra entry, and all the people who advertise it on their blog will get an extra entry! Oh, and you will have to be a follower to enter.

I'll give you all the details though when it's all confirmed and i've got 50 followers!

I hope this rambley post didn't bore ya too much!;)

Thanks everyone! :D

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