Sunday, 1 August 2010


Hi everyone :)

I am so sorry for the lack of make-up posts, and the amount of rambley posts, but sorry, another ramble!

I know I said that I am doing a 50 followers contest, and I still am! worry not! I just ordered the items just then, yay! There's two prizes that someone will win! I hope your all excited! I am very tempted to keep the prizes for myself... Don't worry! I won't ;).

They're coming on Tuesday, so The competition will start on tuesday and will probably go on for 2 weeks. Dont worry though, full details will be included in my proper competition post.

I will be posting more make-up posts soon, don't worry! I am just about to take a couple of photies for a blog post I am going to post up tomorow, so I will be back blogging properly soon, yay!

Hope you all had a nice weekend :)

Thanks everyone :)


  1. love your blog =) am excited for the contest! congrats on your followers xx

  2. @*Starsglittermagic* thank you :)