Monday, 16 August 2010

The Winner Is...

So the 60 followers giveaway is now officially over!

I am posting this just as it turns Monday morning, just so that I can give the person a bit more time to get into contact with me. I will send the winner an email once i’ve posted this up J.

Ok, so all together including additional entries, there were 52 entries. So I just went on to and typed in 1 – 52 and this is what came out...

So I went to check on the comments and number 5 was Hannah!

Well done Hannah! You won my 60 followers giveaway J I will be sending you an email asking for your details soon! Yay!

Please don’t worry if you didn’t win, I will do more giveaways in the future so don’t give up all hope!

And I’m sure you will all want to join me in congratulating Hannah in winning this giveaway J

Thanks everyone for reading, and hopefully I will try and do another giveaway soon J