Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ins and Outs No.1

Hi everyone :)

So i've been a bit of a bad blogger :( Sorry!

Anyways, I couldn't be bother taking photo's for Hauls, and reviews and things, so I just decided to do this blog post for the first time :)


1. Long Lie ins :)

It's so nice to still be on the Summer holidays and be able to go to bed whenever and get up whenever, I love it!

2. Milk Coffee

I actually didn't even know you could do this till about a month ago, and I love it! It's so much creamier and nicer than normal coffee with water. I LOVE this!

3. iPhone 4

I recently got an iPhone 4, and I love it! Best phone ever. I love it!

4. New Hair

I got my hair cut on thursday, a nicer style, and a new set of lovely blonde highlights! (I was thinking about doing a bit of a blog post about my hair colour, and hair care products)

5. French Manicures

I never really do much and take time with my nails, but I just went and got a french manicure done, and I am obsessed! I love the way she did it, and as soon as I got home I went straight onto boots and ordered lots of nail care things so I can start giving myself manicures. I didn't realise how much nicer your nails look when they're done nicely :)


1. Pretty Little Liars Ending :(

In the UK Pretty Little Liars isn't here yet, So I've been watching it online the day after it is aired in America, and I am obssesed with this show! It's so amazing. I read the first book first, and I Loved it, so I went to watch it, and I love it. BUT It's just ended, and won't be back till January 2011 :(.

2. Going Back to School

I'm going back to school on Wednesday, and I'm so annoyed. These holidays have gone so fast, I can't believe it's been 7 weeks since I was at school, it really feels like 2. But oh well! (Was also thinking about doing a back to school Haul kinda thing? Don't really know though...)

3. Big Brother Ending :(

This is the last EVER big brother and a week on Tuesday it will all be over :( No! But then there's Ultimate big brother to watch for an extra two weeks, but then It's really will be over :( I have watched most of the Big Brother series, and I really do love it! I really hope Channel 5 buy it or something!

4. Bad diet!

I feel like i've really been eating like crap this summer, which is not good! I will defo start eating healthier when I go back to school, I need to get away from all the junk food!

5. No good music!

I feel like there has been no real good music released for a while, I feel I have to keep replaying the same songs for like the last month, and I like to change it about a bit!

So they were my Ins and outs! I might make it a Weekly, or Monthly thing... Not too sure yet!

Thanks everyone!

PS, Remember the competition ends tomorow, and I will probably have the winner up Monday Morning, I just need to go to and type in the numbers and see who wins! I hope your all as excited as me! :)xxxxxxx


  1. i know what you mean on the music front...ive started searching for none commercial stuff and have found some great songs and artists alike ! x

  2. @Kelly Oh really? Fancy giving me a couple of artists/songs? :)xx

  3. kool post I think you covered it all
    have a great weekend

  4. Oh man...I didn't know Pretty Little Liars is over until January...that is a definite out.

    If you get a chance, check out my 'i dare you to wear' challenge. I am daring my subscribers to recreate a look from the Derek Lam 2010 spring runway show. Then I will post all of the pics in a post next week.
    I also have my monthly giveaway for August going on right now.

  5. Im loving Big Brother too, im so sad its ending, i wish it couldo on for another 3 weeks! :( xx

  6. @CurvesaheadMakeup Thanks :)

    @FunnyFaceBeauty I know :( so sad!

    @Hannahhx aw I know! I love it :)xxx

  7. I gutted Big Brother is ending, and I agree about eating junk in summer - haha! :)