Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Make-up inspiration - The Kardashians

Hi everyone :)

So i've not been blogging so much because i'm back at school and the work is just crazy! So I thought i'd just show some pictures of people who's make-up I love!

I know people always talk about The Kardashian make-up, but I don't care! I love it, and wanted to share some of my favourite make-up :)


These girls have the most amazing skin, and the make-up is so amazing! I love it :)

Thanks everyone :)


  1. I love the Kardashian's make up. I think they're all stunning too x

  2. Love these girls they have some good genes there are all too pretty !!!

  3. I envy their automatic sexyness! They're so gorgeous!

  4. I love Kim's makeup so much, she always looks great - I'm not so convinced Khloe's always works for her, sometimes she has blusher stripes or her eyes look a bit heavyset. She's still cuter than the average girl though!

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  6. They are all so stunning, especially Kim! :) xx

  7. They are amazingly pretty, all I want to know is what foundation they use! Flawless!


  8. @Danielle I know! They always looks so flawless :)

    @Curvesaheadmake-up Definitely!

    @Marie me too!

    @Lucy I know! Kim's so beautiful :) I know, Khloe's make-up can be a bit hit or miss!

    @Hannahh I know! Kim's so beautiful :)

    @Mollyvogue Same! :)x

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  10. i lovve their make up ! kourtney is my fav she's perfect :) kim's to slutty and khloe's kinda to big tall and wide but the make up and hair is fab