Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wish List!

Hey everyone :)

I've been feeling pretty ill today and been off school, so to try and pass some time, I've been looking at so much make-up, skincare and haircare and i've been lusting after so many items!

So here they are :)

1. Naked Palette
RRP: £27.00

2. MAC Lipstick in Hue
RRP: £12.00

3. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot cloth Cleanser Starter Kit
RRP: £13.00

4.Phyto Phytorhum Shampoo
RRP: £10.00

5. L'OREAL Paris Studio Secrets Anti-redness Primer
RRP: £9.99

5. YSL Teint Resist Foundation
RRP: £28

6. Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer
RRP: £12.50

7. NARS Lipgloss in Turkish Delight
RRP: £17.00

8. NARS Eyeshadow in Nepal
RRP: £16.00

So that's it! There were a lot more, but thought I would cut it down a bit so it wasn't too long! Sorry for the crazy sizes of photos, like some are small and some are HUGE but it won't let me resize them :( sorry!

Thanks everyone :)x


  1. Ive got that MAC Lipstick its my favourite lipstick of all time!!! :D

  2. nice wish list, i've just ordered my naked uruban palette cant wait for it to arrive. and hue lipstick is lovely, a beautiful nude colour!!!! xx

  3. @Cosmetics Chloe I really want it! :)xx

    @jollybeachang I really want the Naked Palette its top of my wishlist for a reason! :)xx

  4. Iam awaiting the arrival of my naked palette!
    Really want hue lipstick and i want to try liz earle after all the hype! x

  5. great pick you'' like the naked pallet and the Loreal is also awesome !! hope you get them !!

  6. I'll be having a giveaway for a Naked Palette soon so be sure to enter.

  7. I want all of these! Especially the naked palette! :) xx

  8. Oh the L'Oreal Anti redness primer sounds interesting! If you get it, could you do a review?!


  9. I want that naked palette dammit!

    Nice list :)

  10. Also wanting that Naked Palette!

  11. great goodies here! I love the phyto line - esp the phytojoba.