Saturday, 26 June 2010

Glamour Magazine! (UK only.)

Okay, so if your an avid blog reader in the make-up community, you will definitely have heard the buzz about the Glamour magazine deal. Basically, in each Glamour Magazine, there is a free benefit pencil.

There are 3 different ones to collect. These are, Bad Gal Eyeliner, a soft black eye pencil, Eyebright Eyliner, a pink eyeliner, which is to be used in the inner corners of your eyes to make you look more awake, and It stick, a creamy concealer pencil.

Some people might just buy 1, but, after a long two hour search, I managed to find all three. Yay!:).

Here is some quick swatches I did for you guys :

Okay, so from top to bottom it goes, Bad Gal Eyeliner, Eyebright eyeliner, and It stick at the bottom.

First Impressions

Well, I think they're all very soft and creamy, and stay on well. I think the It stick concealer is maybe a tad orangey, but its not too bad. Bad Gal eyeliner is the best I think, it's my kind of eyeliner, and is easy to apply. The Eyebright is good too, it opens up your eyes, and gives the look of widened eyes.

I like all of the products, and for £6, you get 3 magazines, and £45 worth of quality Benefit products. I love this promotion! I don't know if its still for sale, but if it is, BUY IT!

Thanks everyone:)

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