Monday, 13 September 2010

Urban Decay Naked Palette and Coastal Scents 88 Shadow Palette


You've no idea how embarrassingly excited I have been about these 2 eyeshadow palette. One slightly more than the other, but still pretty excited about botttth!

Urban Decay Naked Palette
RRP:£27.00 (I got mine for £24.50 though!)

It comes in LOVELY packaging! It feel like velvet, and the NAKED logo looks really nice with its gold lettering! You also get a mini Primer Potion with the Palette.

In the Palette there are 12 eyshadows and a double sized eyeliner. The black side in shade zero, and the Brown is called Whisky.
Oh my gosh! These colours are so amazing, I love it so much! They are so highly pigmented, and Each colour is so lovely! I don't often go for dramatic eyes, so this will be perfect for everyday use! Plus, The eyeliners are AMAZING. If you get the chance, BUY it! You will not be disappointed. I know you've all heard loads about it, but I just wanted to let you know that I love it too!

Coastal Scents 88 Palette
RRP: £29.99 ( I got mine for £15!)

I love this! It's so good for the money! It's so highly pigmented, and it feels like real good quality! It's a nice mixture of calm colours, and crazy colours! Which I really like, because I already have my NAKED Palette for neutral days, and now I have this for days I wanna do something a little crazy with my eyes! Love it, if you can Buy it! It's kinda hard to come across in the UK, but I think you can get it off Amazon!

Thanks everyone :)

Has anyone else picked up these palettes?


  1. I have the Coastal Scents Palette & I use it ALL THE TIME! It's awesome!

    But I've been craving that NAKED palette =[ it's on every blog, I'm jealous!

  2. Wow so lucky to get both of these palettes. You live in the UK right? So did you get these off eBay/Amazon?


  3. @MiryamOquendo I love it so far! Thanks :)

    @Widdlesh Haha :)

    @Mollyvogue, well! My friend bidded on two different coastal scents palettes and she ended up winning both, so I bought one off her :) and I got the Urban Decay Naked Palette from Debenhams!xx

  4. The Naked palette is going to be permanent (my friend Scot is an UD rep here in the states), so even though it's sold out, it will be back soon :) It's pretty nice, isn't it?! I love pigmentation of the shadows the way the 24/7 liners stay put throughout the day. xx

  5. Lucky girl both pallets are amazing !!! I use my naked pallet everyday I swear

  6. My coastal scents palette just came in the mail today. I cannot believe how pigmented the shadows are...amazing!!

  7. Wow these both are beautiful! How did you get such great prices? :) xx

  8. @Mary-Cate aw yeah I heard that :) I love it! I know :)

    @Curves ahead make-up I know! It's an amazing palette for everyday :)

    @FunnyFaceBEauty Amazing for the price!

    @Hannahhx Well I got one the UD Naked one from Debenhams and they were having like a 10% off make-up day, so I bought it! And My friend accidentally bought 2 coastal scents palettes off ebay so I was more than happy to pay her for it! xxx

  9. I'm wishing for a Naked palette actually! But there's no store close by where they sell Urban Decay ._.

    By the way, I gave you the sunshine award on my blog! Take a look, you might want to share it :)!


  10. @Marie Aw hope you find it soon!x Oh gosh did you? Wow thanks! Will do a post about it now :) Thank you!