Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Hi everyone :)

Not been doing many posts lately, i've just been so busy, and when i'm not busy i'm just too tired!

But don't worry, that is all going to change today!

I thought i'd start off by talking about WINTER. Ok, I know this is a make-up blog, but I just have to do the odd ramble don't i?

I seriously LOVE winter. December in specific, but still. I love snow, I love the cold weather and being able to layer on clothes and wear my boots!

But I really love December, it's my birthday in december, (December 13th to be exact!) and CHRISTMAS. I'm a tad obssesed with it, I'm already getting excited... Embarrasssing!

Winter is my favourite month, I know most peoples is summer, but I <3>

I found some pictures which made me feel even more excited for christmas time! Take a look ;)

Sorry for the picture overloaaaaaad! I just wanted to share these pics with you :)

Anyone else the same as me? Please don't tell me i'm alone!



  1. HAHA you're alone! JK. I love/hate the winter. Some days the wet snow irritates me & layers of clothes bothers me. & other days that's exactly what I love. I love/hate every season though lol <3

  2. Strangely I love winter too and that 'Christmassy' feeling! But this year it's as though we've gone straight from summer (what it was!) to winter and skipped autumn! Love wearing my boots too! :)
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  3. these pictures are beautiful! i personally hate winter because where i live it gets around -40 to -50 degrees celcius and you just want to die. haha.

  4. @MiryamOquendo Haha! I'm like that with summer!x

    @Kat O I know! Just this last week it's been feeling wintery! I love it:)

    @Donna Aw really?! Haha, I love winter, where I live its cold, but not that cold!xx

  5. This post makes me so happy! I LOVE WINTER TOO! I think it's cosy! I love the snow, watching it fall, drinking hot cocoa, snuggling up next to the fire, etc... love the photos you've posted! xx

  6. love those photos!!!! i've never seen snow before but I think its nice and cosy during winter at home.... ok, not home for me since i'm living in a all year summer country... but it was nice to experience winter in Japan ^_^

    I just love the last photo!!! ♥ ♥

  7. @jellytelly_ri-chan Thanks:) Aw really?! I love snow :)

    @Mary-Cate Me too! haha I know, i love it!xxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. These are just gorgeous! I kinda want it to snow right now so I can walk down one of those lovely lit streets wearing my mittens and carrying a starbucks hot chocolate :)

  9. @Kristy Alexandra haha! Me too!x