Saturday, 29 January 2011


I'm in a really mood to blog today but not beauty wise.. haha

Anyway I thought I would just let you know whats going on with me!

I've just finished my Prelims, which if you live in Scotland you will know what they are and if you live in England you will know that they are like mocks! So i'm so happy to have those over! But I am slightly worried for my results on monday!

I also recently called up EVERYWHERE in my area asking if they had any Saturday Jobs available, and I ended up getting an interview at a high-end salon near to me! I'm going to see them on Wednesday at 4:30pm and i'm so excited! I would love to work there and see what tips and tricks I can pick up!

It will be a pretty minor job and I will spend a lot of time sweeping floors, making tea and coffee, and answering phones.. and if i'm lucky.. Washing hair! It doesn't sound too glamorous but I need money to fund my make-up addiction and I would like to think I could progress and they say they could help me train to be a hairdresser.. I actually want to be a Teacher but next year will be my last year of school as i'm finishing a year early.. so then i'm going to take a year off and work for a year to get some money before going to uni! So I would quite like to learn how to be a hairdresser in that time.. may as well!

I don't know for sure if I even have the job yet so I better stop getting ahead of myself! I really want it though so I am going to try very hard to impress! haha. Wish me luck?



  1. Cograts on finishing your prelims! Good luck with your job search :)

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