Sunday, 10 October 2010

Ins and Outs No.2

Hi everyone :)

Thought I would do a little In and Out post for you all today!


1. X-factor Live shows!
I am a bit of an Xfactor fanatic, I just love it! So having the live shows back again, is amazing for me! Another sign that Christmas is coming!

2. Lauren Conrad's new book!
Lauren Conrad's book series LA Candy is one of my favourites, and the third book of the series came out about a week ago. It's called Sugar and Spice and i'm half way through it, and I am really loving it :).

3. Finding new music!
I have been looking for new music for a while, and I've found a new love in a singer called Uffie, and quite a few more!

I have 2 weeks off school just now, and I'm SO glad! I'm exhausted from all the work thats been piling up at school, so having a 2 week break is JUST what i've been needing! So Look forward to more posts!

5. Winter Weather!
The weather has been starting to get really cold and dark, and me loving winter, I love it!


1. I have to get glasses!!:(:(
I had been finding it hard to read the board at school, so I went for an eyetest and was told that I needed to wear glasses full time. I am kind of gutted, but I am trying to look on the bright side! I think i'm going to look into contacts soon! I picked my glasses out, and they should be hear by tuesday, I'll do a little blog post on it with pictures!

2. My hair!
Last year in about June, I decided to get my hair cut into a bob shape, and I loved it for about a week? Then I hated it! I used to have hair about down to my ribs? and I got it all off :(. My hair grows so slowly, and i'm getting so impatient. GROW!

3. Laptop!
I got my laptop about 3 years ago? It's always been REALLY bad, since the day I got it, and it's being so annoying at the moment! I have to restart it like 5 times a day? Just to do anything on it. It's ridiculous!

So that's my In's out's for this week! I think I might try and do this once a week from now on :)

What's yours?


  1. Ohhh im loving x facor too! :) xx

  2. @Hannahh I know :) It's so good!

  3. @Marisa haha! I hope I can think like that soon :) I think i'll get used to them :) x

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